One-on-One Fitness Training:

With this program you receive one-on-one training in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home, office, studio, etc. The program is designed to suit your specific needs and goals. We schedule sessions to suit your busy lifestyle. It is the all for one program

Partner Training:

Have a friend or partner that you like to work out with? This program is a great opportunity to workout with someone who has similar fitness goals. It is fun and challenging. You will have your partner to cheer you on or egg you on... nothing like a little competition between partners!

Small Group Training:

This program is great for a group of friends or family (3-6 people) that is looking to workout together. In a fun, non-threatening atmosphere you will get a workout that will be challenging and leave you feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments. This program is for every level of fitness. Very budget friendly!

Boot Camps:

These fitness classes will have you laughing, crying and looking and feeling great. It is geared for all ages and abilities. It consists of basic calisthenics, body-weight strength training and core training. You work to the best of your ability and reap the benefits.

Core/Functional Training:

The core is the most important part of your body. The stronger your core, the easier it will be for you to perform better in your favorite sport, complete your daily activities, and improve function in your regular tasks. This program will focus on making your core stronger and you more functional.

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